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RTO Regenerative thermal oxidation air purification syetem

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Air Purification System (RTO) is a proven exhaust gas purification system with extremely high operational reliability.
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Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Air Purification System (RTO) is a proven exhaust gas purification system with extremely high operational reliability.
For simplicity and low maintenance costs and other characteristics of widespread concern. Typical applications in the Indian iron coating industry and paint ink manufacturing, textile
And chemical electronics and other industries, specifically to deal with volatile organic waste gas (VOC)
When using the RTO system, the exhaust gas is in three regenerative oxidation beds
Switch between the rotation so that the exhaust of volatile organic solvents (VOC) in high temperature environment decomposition of carbon dioxide and water into the water. Is considered to be
One of the most economical and widely applicable environmental protection and durability of the device.
● can apply a variety of different concentrations and composition of industrial waste gas
● Exhaust air volume range
● Adopt special heat exchange system, improve the internal heat recycling
● to achieve the best exhaust gas purification efficiency, to meet the stringent emission standards of all countries in the world
● has a very high price
Technical performance:
1, the uniformity of airflow distribution design
Air flow evenly into the heat storage bed to ensure heat exchange efficiency,
2, the choice of high-quality refractory materials
The refractory material is ceramic fiber cotton folding block with temperature resistance of up to 1260 degrees. The surface is then coated with a hardener to form a hardened layer of silicon dioxide film and fix the inner wall fibers.
3, high quality low NOx burners
The system uses natural gas liquefied petroleum gas GB diesel fuel system. The burner is equipped with a sight glass to clearly observe the main flame, and the UV flame scanner detects the flame at any time.
4, independent development and production of ceramic regenerator
Improve heat transfer efficiency and reduce RTO system resistance.
5, high-quality switching valve group
Double sealing surface switching valve and safety implementing agencies, the number of fault-free switching is not less than 1 million times, at the same time with the valve position safety testing.
6, ceramic bed temperature detection
Multi-point ceramic bed temperature detection system through the PLC closed-loop system to ensure the safe operation of RTO.
7. Multi-multi-layer original temperature correction
RTO normal operation Due to the pipeline resistance and ceramic bed differences will produce heat accumulation effect caused by temperature deviation, temperature correction system can automatically adjust and balance the system temperature.
8. Reliable operational safety design
Multi-point continuous detection and emergency evacuation system.
9. Unique internal self-cleaning system
Has a safe and reliable burnout device to ensure that internal ceramic materials in the working state of self-cleaning.
10, efficient heat recovery system
In the downstream installation of heat exchange system, can make full use of RTO efflux of heat into hot water, hot air, hot oil reuse.
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