Metal packaging: the rapid development of 30 years.

2019-01-19 08:52
Over the past 30 years, China's metal packaging industry from small to large, from weak to strong, up to now, has developed into a full range of products, advanced technology, industrial layout is relatively reasonable an industry, the basic domestic and international markets to meet the metal packaging products Demand, but also gradually narrowed the gap with counterparts in developed countries. It can be said that China's metal packaging this 30 years is the rapid development of 30 years.
Zhang Hong engaged in metal packaging work and China's reform and opening up the pace of time, this year has been a full 30 years. The first 15 years, she worked in the enterprise, saw and practice the metal packaging from the reform and opening up step by step forward the course of development. In the past 15 years, she worked in the Metal Container Commission and made her feel more realistically that the overall rapid development of China's metal packaging industry is in a good situation.
When asked by reporters about the 30 years of reform and opening up and the deepest impression left in the industry, Zhang Hong said with deep feeling: One of the things that touched me most and touched me most was in the early 1980s when China Metal packaging industry began to introduce "high frequency resistance welding" technology. In a sense, it is a revolution in China's canning technology over the past 80 years.
High-frequency resistance welding technology introduced by the device, to promote localization, is a universal and improve the sustainable development process. The popularization and application of this technology has completely changed the history of tin-sealing of can manufacturing and greatly promoted the development of China's canned food cans, beverage cans and chemical cans (cans).
The popularization and application of this technology not only improves the sturdiness and sealing of the three-piece can interface, but also is more hygienic and safer, and also saves precious non-ferrous metals one by one. The popularization and application of this technology enables all kinds of tinplate Three-piece cans produced a qualitative leap in production speed - from twenty or thirty cans per minute to hundreds or even more than 1,000 per minute, resulting in a production efficiency increase of several tens of times. The popularization and application of this technology has also created a brand new Product tinplate three aerosol cans, its pressure performance is soldering tin can not be achieved. Therefore, the popularization and application of high frequency resistance welding is one of the biggest changes in the product technology of the metal packaging industry in our country. It not only promotes the technological progress of the metal packaging industry, but also continues to play its role.
Zhang Hong introduced to reporters the current status of China's metal packaging industry and the future development trend. She said that metal packaging is a green packaging. In theory, it is a recyclable, renewable, unlimited reuse of resources, the regeneration process is a process of energy conservation, to avoid pollution; Second, the metal packaging products in some aspects of irreplaceability, such as Barrier, ruggedness, good machinability, etc. The history of canned food nearly 200 years can be fully proved.
Zhang Hong from the four aspects of the metal packaging industry trends:
First, the metal packaging industry is a sunrise industry, is in the ascendant growth phase, will continue to maintain a healthy and stable development momentum. The main reason is that the sustained and rapid economic development in our country will definitely promote the development of the food industry, beverage industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, daily-use chemistry and pharmaceutical industry, which will inevitably further increase the demand for metal packaging products.
Second, the metal packaging industry in all regions of the country's development is extremely uneven, with the adjustment and development of the economic structure in various regions, the industrial layout will be adjusted. The developed areas of metal packaging, such as the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Economic Rim, have all been gradually transferred to the central, southwest and northwestern regions because the rich agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry products in those areas need further processing to promote the local economic development. Bring new business opportunities
Thirdly, in today's economic globalization and market globalization, the volume of China's international trade has risen year by year, ranking the third in the world. Many of our traditional export products will have their added value by improving packaging, and the obvious advantages of metal packaging offer many opportunities for the development of metal packaging products.
Fourth, China's metal packaging industry in product development, technology research and development, forward-looking research, and even in the raw and auxiliary materials, energy consumption, environmental protection, there is a clear gap between developed countries; in the core technology, sophisticated technology and equipment Basically, the situation is still completely dependent on imports, which is undoubtedly the metal packaging industry great room for development. Summarized in one sentence: the metal packaging prospects are good, but the industry Chester courageously climb.
She said that I have been working for the Metal Container Commission for 15 years. I have deep feelings for the metal packaging industry and deeply love my work. I have been working hard in the spirit of dedication, progress, unity and pragmatism. The goal of the Metal Container Council's work is to take the three services as a starting point in recent years to strengthen its own building, lay a solid foundation and do practical work for member companies, see actual results and enhance cohesion in the metal packaging industry. For future work objectives, or play the role of industry associations to talk about it: First, the industry associations to achieve the management of the industry is not missing place, to play a unique advantage of the industry associations, such as information communication and release, economic and technical indicators Statistics, carry out technical exchanges, promote scientific and technological achievements, formulation and revision of product standards, personnel training, identification of scientific and technological achievements. The second is to make suggestions and suggestions on the industrial policies and laws and regulations of the government agencies, represent the industry to reflect the demands of the member companies on the government, formulate the industrial development plan, really play the role of a bridge and link between the government and industries and enterprises, organize more extensive, Comprehensive and deep-going international exchange activities, and strive to promote the economic and technological cooperation between Chinese and foreign metal packaging. I also hope that through our efforts, the Metal Container Committee will truly become a member-owned home.
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